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At the beginning of the process, with the already prepared structure and database, we define tasks for each team. Our project managers organize the whole process, so that everything goes smoothly and so that you get your product on time.
Web Development
Our design team processes each of your products separately. We work hard, paying attention to the quality of each individual image and paying attention to the standards that are set. With the undisturbed development of our creativity, customers are guaranteed to get a clean, modern product.
Web Development
The last process, but still the most important, is the communication and delivery of products. Our testers, who communicate with the client, make sure that every single product lives up to our high standards. Quality is our number one priority.
Web Development
Beneficial to you as it is to us, we monitor every click your clients make. Balance your business with collected data and improve the things your clients like the most

Wine Menu

Get the most out of your wine collection. Your clients get all the information about particular wine bottle, including region, color, serve temperature and most importantly what food to combine it with. Let them filter it by all od these information so they get the best experience.

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Post 1

Cocktail Menu

Fully colorful and refreshing cocktails at the palm of your clients hand. Elegant description that gives the guest the advantage to quickly decide what cocktail most suits them. If image and description doesn't help them to decide, they can also list all of the ingredients.

Food Menu

Let your guests see the full presentation of your plate by providing them with an image or a short video. One of the great advantages of the food menu is the ability to filter out any meals that the guest is allergic to.

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Post 1

Premium Drinks Menu

Short description and picture is everything your guest needs to chose what drink they will enjoy next. We arrange all the drinks by categories, so chosing it makes it easier.

Digital QR code menu

Our menu service includes a whole range of functions for the restaurant, cafe or bar.

Customers can use their own mobile devices to view the restaurant menu by scanning a QR code.
There is no App download required. Your customers will enjoy the interactive experience of an app.
For your guests this is a modern, easy to use, QR code menu. For you this is a digital platform built around your menu for improving a quality of customer service and increasing sales.

Tablet App

Digital Tablet Menu for Restaurants and Bars

Tablet Menu is a digital menu app for restaurants, which allows establishments to create operational e-menus, increase sales, allows you to showcase an unlimited number of menu items to your customers with vivid pictures and menu details. It comes in a form of a tablet app or as a fully interactive menu stand.

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