Digital Menu subscription: €41,50/month
Hardware Accessory: €3.500/unit

A standalone well crafted digital menu display at the entrance of your establishment

Our Digital Stand is the first contact of your customers with your menu, inviting them to experience the best you have to offer. Aside from being a modern and beautifully designed stand at the entrance of your business, it attracts attention from bypassers and gives them a reason to interact with your establishment before they are even inside.

Fell the digital stand

22” Touch Screen

“Menu” Console

Reliable and sturdy digital stand

Waterproof, shock resistant

“MasterFB built our whole menu and clients love it, every day someone comment about the tablet on the restaurant.”

David - Basta Restaurant
Croatia, Zagreb


Full Customer Support

We are taking your current menu with everything you have available for sale in your business establishment and making it digital and customizable 100% for you.

Choose the Stand Table as your Accessory

Display every detail of your products

Dynamic photos and videos

Sort and filter products however you like

Crystal clean, full HD display of your menu with personalised images and videos.

How it Works

1. Start here

Fill the form with your contact informations and you will be redirected to the subscription page.

2. Choose

Choose your subscription method and select if you want any extra display technology that suits your needs.

3. Your Menu

Send us your establishment's menu information so our team make it digital and take care of everything for you.

4. Receive

Receive your QR Code digital menu and link. Display it anywhere, anytime.

If you ordered any extra display technology, you will receive it at your address with instructions for easy setup process.


Our customer support will guide you throughout the whole process, and keep in touch for any changes or updates.

Request Your Menu

By submitting the request form below for your menu, our Sales Team will contact you within 24 hours to begin processing your inquiry.


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